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SPC Quality Control and Preventive Maintenance Software
From TechWare Incorporated

TechWare Incorporated, a leading provider of software applications since 1991. Our products LogBook Discovery, a SPC Quality Control Management System and TechWare MainTrac, a CMMS Preventive Maintenance application and were all designed with a common goal - Simplicity! They are "off-the-shelf" and "out of the box" software applications that can be configured to suit your needs. We have over 25 years of experience automating data collection and analysis from various devices.

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  • LogBook Discovery
    Our products allow the user to streamline processes and analyze data quickly and easy Our flagship product, LogBook Discovery, a Production Quality Control Management System, provides a systematic approach to meeting all your quality needs. Whether you are testing dirt, shirts, widgets or gadgets; LogBook Discovery has the tools such as automatic data collection, custom report writer, SPC charts and graphs. With the introduction of LogBook Monitor; a real time SPC monitoring system, you can now instantly get a quality snap shot of your products. LogBook Discovery has interfaces for most electronic testing devices such as scales and balances, digital calipers, tensile testers and such. Automating your data collection not only improves the quality of your data but also saves you time and money!

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  • TechWare MainTrac
    Visually see your preventative maintenance schedules with TechWare MainTrac, a CMMS Preventive Maintenance application. No need to run a report! Just click on the image and drill down to see what equipment needs attention. Maintenance tracking is a snap with TechWare MainTrac. With its user friendly design, automating your facilities maintenance schedules couldn’t be easier. TechWare MainTrac CMMS maintenance software was designed for minimal operator input to save you time and money. Run times for maintenance items can be created on the fly. Keep track of your plant maintenance, facility maintenance, fleet maintenance or whatever preventative maintenance needs you may have with TechWare MainTrac.

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