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TechWare Incorporated, a leading provider of software applications since 1991. Our products, LogBook Discovery, a SPC Quality Control Management Software and TechWare MainTrac a CMMS Preventive Maintenance application and were all designed with a common goal - Simplicity! They are "off-the-shelf" and "out of the box" software applications that can be configured to suit your needs. We have over 25 years of experience automating data collection and analysis from various devices.

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  • LogBook Discovery - SPC Quality Control Software

    Our products allow the user to streamline processes and analyze data quicker and easier than ever before. Our flagship product, LogBook Discovery, has been collecting quality data from dirt to shirts since 1992. Whether you are using devices like Mitutoyo calipers, electronic balances (Ohaus, Mettler, etc.), Instrons, Zwicks, Uster UT3-UT5, Uster Tensorapid, Uster Tensojets or Textechno Statimats LogBook Discovery can collect this data automatically as well as provide you SPC trends in one application! In 2012, we introduced a companion product called LogBook Monitor. This application uses SPC in real time to determine if any tests are out of tolerance. This helps ensure that the “quality” of your data is as good as the “quality” of your products.

  • TechWare MainTrac - Preventive Maintenance (PM) Software

    TechWare MainTrac is a product that was developed in conjunction with LogBook Discovery. With the increasing need to improve quality, proper maintenance of your equipment is essential. TechWare MainTrac can be customized on the fly to track virtually any preventive maintenance needs. Whether you are managing a fleet of vehicles, machines in a production environment, or managing the facilities of an organization, TechWare MainTrac is built for you. TechWare MainTrac is a visual CMMS system that allows you to track and prevent costly maintenance issues and designed to keep your equipment, facility or fleet of vehicles in top notch order!

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