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TechWare LogBook Discovery

LogBook Discovery is designed for Production Quality Managers who need to manage manual as well as automatic data collection. With "on the fly" test definitions, SPC charts and report writer capability, LogBook Discovery is an off-the shelf, application built for Manufacturing Quality Control laboratories!

Key Features

  • Automatic Data Collection: Collect data from most electronic devices
  • Flexibility: Define tests, customize reports and graphs to meet specific needs.
  • Custom Report writer: Create individual, average, weekly and monthly trend reports. Turn any report into a SPC Chart!
  • Data Import/Export features: Export data to MS Excel, Access, SQL.
  • Data Integrity: Manual and Automatic data can be compared against stored UCL/LCL values as well as customer specs.
  • Pin Point / Find Problems: Find quality problems and correct them before they become costly.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Reduce the amount of time involved with collecting, storing and entering test results.
  • Last but not Least!: LogBook Monitor - real time SPC Monitor of your quality data.

LogBook Discovery put you the Quality Manager in charge!

LogBook Discovery Overview

Whether you want to test dirt or shirts, widgets or gadgets, LogBook Discovery is up to the task! Not all Quality Control labs are the same. LogBook Discovery allows you to create your own test types (i.e. dirt, shirts, widgets or gadgets) and tests associated with that type, you can also create subsets of tests, processes, products or lot codes, you name it, LogBook Discovery can handle it!

LogBook Discovery provides instant access to your Quality Data

LogBook Discovery Overview

Data can be collected either automatically or manually. Results can be compared "on the fly" against predefined UCL/LCL and customer specs. Header information such as where it was produced, lot or product id, who tested the product and so on, are attached to the data thus allowing you to filter the data as required. If you don't want to see the raw data in "tabular" form, LogBook Discovery gives you the flexibility to enter and view the results in a "form layout" mode.

Create Custom Trend Reports

LogBook Discovery Custom Report Its a given fact that most manufacturing quality control laboratories are not the same. For this reason TechWare Incorporated created the Custom Report Writer in LogBook Discovery. This provides you the flexibility to create reports as you see fit. Once these reports are established, any column of data can be charted.

Turn Trend Reports into SPC Charts and Graphs

LogBook Discovery Custom Report Not only can you create custom reports and graphs, once these are established, you can schedule them to run automatically. You know the saying, "All you have to do is set it and forget it!"

LogBook Discovery Product Manuals and Brochures

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