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Automatic Data Collection

With our Quality Control Management Systems, LogBook Discovery, we can interface with almost any electronic device. This helps in ensuring data integrity and data quality. Below are a few of the devices that are currently in use with our products. If you have different devices, just give us a call and we will be happy to add it to our list!

Device Listing

  • Thickness Gauges and Calipers: Flexport, Chicago Dial, Mitutoyo and many more.
  • Tensile Testers: Instron, Zwick, MTS
  • Scales: Mettler, OHaus, Sautarius, Polyscale, and many, many more
  • Evenness Testers: Uster UT3, Uster UT4, Uster UT5, ILE DS65, Keisokki
  • Single End Testers: Tensorapid 3, Tensorapid 4, Statimat M, Statimat ME, Tensojet, Tensojet 4
  • Hairiness Testers: Meiners-Dell, G565
  • Fault Classifications: Uster Classimat III, Keisokki Classifault
  • Fiber Testers: Uster AFIS, Uster AFIS Pro, Uster HVI, Mesdan NATI
  • Twist Testers:  Zweigle D314, Zweigle D302, Zweigle D304
  • Fabric Testers: Mullen Burst, Elmendorf Tear, MTS Tensile Tester, QuickView Plus, James Heal Truburst Strength Tester
  • Spectrophotometer: GreatMacbeth Color iControl

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