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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is TechWare MainTrac?
A: TechWare MainTrac is a visual scheduling and reporting application for preventative maintenance. It can help you keep cost down by being proactive and consistent on your preventative maintenance needs.

Q: What equipment can I use with TechWare MainTrac?
A: If you can name it, MainTrac can track it!

Q: What is TechWare JSATrac?
A: TechWare JSATrac is also a visual scheduling and reporting tool for keeping your most important assets, your employees, up to date on their training, JSA's, Job Procedures, Accident and Injury reporting and Employee lost time!

Q: What is TechWare LogBook Discovery?
A: TechWare LogBook Discovery is a tool that provides you the ability to define tests and inputs on the fly! It can automatically collect data from various devices, report those results in a easily defined templates as well as graphically display the results. Trend analysis, upper and lower control limits, spec limits, you name it!

Q: What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)
A: SPC or Statistical Process Control is a method of quality control which uses statistical analysis to improve the process. In order for the process to operate at its full potential, you must monitor and control the process to eliminate or reduce waste and cost. Tools such as control charts and histograms can be used to focus on improvements throughout the manufacturing process.

Q: What is a histogram?
A: A histogram is a bar chart that show the number of data points that fall within the range of measurement.
LogBook Discovery Histogram

Q: What is a Control chart?
A: Control charts are measurements over time. It shows the graphical representation of variation between those values.
UCL/LCL (upper/lower control limits) as well as customer spec limits can be shown. "x" consecutive points above/below the average are highlighted in red.
LogBook Discovery Control Chart

Q: Can I use TechWare products in a multi-user environment?
A: Yes. All of our products are designed for either single or multi-user. You can order a single copy now and upgrade to multi-user at any time.

Q: Can I get a demo of any TechWare product before I decide?
A: You bet! Just give us a call or visit our contact page and let us know!