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Preventive Maintenance Software From TechWare Incorporated

TechWare MainTrac is a cost efficient, easy-to-use visual Preventive Maintenance (PM) scheduling software application which can be used to implement and manage your company’s PM program. TechWare MainTrac’s easy-to-use visual interface can be configured for companies large and small.

Key Features

  • Define PM Tasks and schedules on the fly
  • Automatic Client updates
  • Create equipment and processes with a click of the mouse
  • Data Import/Export features: Export data to MS Excel, Access, SQL.
  • Assign machines and task to specific technicians
  • Work order/ Schedule Listings
  • Projected cost analysis
  • Last but not Least!: Easy and visual

With TechWare MainTrac's easy to use and visual interface, MainTrac incorporates preventive maintenance, scheduled work orders and parts tracking which will help automate your facility maintenance management needs. TechWare MainTrac is able to forecast maintenance cost thereby making those dreaded budget cycles a breeze to compute.

Real time updates of your facilities preventative maitenance needs!

TechWare Maintrac Overview Red blocks - Major items
Yellow blocks - Minor items
Green blocks - You got no problems here!
Purple blocks - Forecasted items - start planning!

Each block will change colors as the status of the equipment changes in real time! No need to run a report - just "click" on any block to see the details!

Zoom in to get details on any equipment's preventative maintenance!

Machine Maintenance Items zoom in to see results Each block represents a single piece of equipment. Clicking on a block, sends you directly to the machine or piece of equipment. As you can see we use the same color coding as above to designate the status of an item or event with one exception, Aqua coding - represents a "Tracked Item". Basically, tracked items are items that may be changed in and out of equipment as conditions warrant. For example, if a machine is set up to produce "small widgets" this month, the machine needs to have a particular item attached. Next month, you need to produce "bigger widgets" and requires a different part. The part for "small widgets" is still good for additional runtime. TechWare MainTrac keeps the runtime of these "changeable" items.

Add Maintenance Items on the fly!

Machine Maintenance Items zoom in to see results

With TechWare MainTrac, you can create maintenance tasks on the fly! This example shows a tracked item with "sub items" defined. This gives you incredible control on items that may move in and out as conditions warrant. With each item, you can schedule run hours, meter readings, cost information and such.

Preventive maintenance is a breeze to handle with TechWare Maintrac's CMMS equipment maintenance program. TechWare MainTrac preventative maintenance system from TechWare will be a valuable source of information to keep your facilities preventive maintenance needs in years to come.

Work Orders/Schedule Listing

Work orders and Schedule listings, Projected cost and Tracked items are a click away.
Work orders and Schedule Listing Work orders and Schedule Listing Keep track of items

Assign equipment to technicians

Work orders and Schedule Listing

It’s a known fact that when technicians take “ownership” of equipment, there is a sense of pride that can improve the performance and quality of any piece of machinery. TechWare MainTrac provides you with the ability to do just that. This not only allows the technician to take pride in keeping the equipment in top-notch order, but it also keeps their focus on the machines at hand.

TechWare MainTrac Product Manuals and Brochures

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